25 feb. 2011

Sleutelwerk, D-I-Y paintshop!

Last four weeks I've participated in a bodywork and (custom)paint workshop, the workshop was a bit of a try-out, at 'sleutelwerk' in de Meern (near Utrecht). Learned a LOT overthere so if YOU want some paintwork done, or learn to do it too, be sure to contact these cats.  During the 4 evenings I've painted a bobber gastank, finished pic's of that thing will follow 4 sure cause it came out SICK....for now just check out the guy on sleutelwerk's site.... O, yes, Yours truly shootin' some crazy colors ;-)


my buddy steven (from the xs-es) at the gun...

And a sneak peak on the tank, the base color:

21 feb. 2011

Two red rockets it is!

O yes, after some carhunting me and my girl came across two deals we just could not resist.

For me this polo 2f with 5-speed and 80mm dropped. Sweet cruiser for the time being ;-)

                                         bought like this:
                   washed once and tore off all the plastic junk and sidemarkers..... some spotrepair and polish.....

                                             @ Enschede!

And for my girl this sweet polo 6n!! Just what she needs after that shitty accident....Picked it up after a two hour drive to Enschede, but it was well worth it cause we made a really good deal on it. The thing needs some serious elbowgrease to make it shine again, but tonight we buffed the hood and frontfenders. Can you say SHINE~?! unreal, supercool!! pics of final result will follow!


18 feb. 2011

Steilheck no more.....

My girl's polo died on her last week, some stupid cop (!) with probably too much on his head, wasn't paying attention to the road and just blasted into my girls car....his fault too!!!
From this....

To this.... What a waste....

10 feb. 2011

Ninove Freddy Files, The Deluxe edition!

Here it is, the official flyer.... Freddy files 2011....I'm hoping for a cool cruise with the boys from Airmighty....always a blast!

Here some photo's from past years!

7 feb. 2011

Swapmeet Mol 2011 Report

Yesterday we visited the Swapmeet in Mol, always good for rare and cool parts, sometimes with a rare price too but hey if you wanna play, you gotta pay ;-) Very nice atmosphere as useual, braadworst and Jupiler, you can't go wrong with that!!

Took the ragtop out for the first time this year. all went well, untill 60 km's from home the throttle pedal broke off it's hinge, which is welded onto the pan in the early bugs....I was like: what the hell?!?
After that point it was almost impossible to drive normally as you can imagine.... but in the end we made it there so no biggie, just some repais to do this week, haha....

I also scored some stuff for the rag and a couple Mooneyes antennaballs for the new daily, sweet!

next up: Freddy Files Ninove!

1 feb. 2011

New daily times

O yes, finally the corrado (aka kampferrari) is long gone. So since a couple of weeks a new daily/shopride has seen the light....

for 300 euries we bought this punk-ass red Polo, a 1,3L 5-speed beast born in 1994... with just over 100.000 Original km's and 50 kickin' pony's under the hood it ain't much GO, but it's cheap ass hell to drive and that was what I was after!

but because STOCK SUCKS.....some changes had to follow....

Modifications so far are:

little dent and rustrepair in a couple of bodypanels
big engine maintenance
cleaned some stuff, sidemarkers
80-80mm drop
beefed up the stereo system a bit
new hidden exhaust from polo 6n
worked on the brakes and trailingarm bushings
cleaned the interior + fitted other driverseat in good condition
shitload of small job's

Mod's 4 the future:

Flat Paintjob in a kool color (green/gray, deep purple or bright blue don't know yet)
smack the Porsche clubsports under it....sizes 7-9 x 16'', with some new, heavily streched, tires.
Photomaterial will follow 4 sure!