28 nov. 2009

Demolition Day

Today was a real good day: I stripped the '58 rag down to it's bare bones.
Had to cut just a couple of boltheads because of rust damage, no biggie!
Also pulled the engine out, man that thing was a mess (greasy) check out the picture below!

The pan is in real good shape, original panhalfs without any old repairjobs, cool!
I just need to weld up a couple big ass boltholes, some a-hole drilled these in the past, to mount seat belts ...dude, who needs seatbelts!!

The body on the other hand has seen it's ''repairs'' in the past...especially the heater channels are pretty much f#cked so both will be totally replaced.
Next week i'm gonna weld in some crossbracing in the body, take it off the pan and maybe drill and cut out the old channels. After that a FULL floorpan resto, so stay tuned amigos!