31 mrt. 2011

26 mrt. 2011

The Harley-D (in the werks)

Progress is made during some weeks now and this is where we stand today:

- New handlebars with shortened risers:

we made two options:  Dragbar, nice and aggresive but too narrow for the the tank and front legs...
 2: Widebar. This thing is made for this bike, matches the with and curves of the tank really well so this will be the one....

Another thing we did was to raise the front of the tank about an inch. This mod improves the overall line of the bike and provides a better view on the cilinderheads from the side.....

Finished up the seat pan last week....

And it came back today from upholstery with some handcarved foam + leather, cleaned + fillered the back fender roughly............2B continued......

The Harley-D (part shopping)

So, my buddy asked me if I was interested in doing his Harley...sure dude, why not! ;-)

The thing was brought to my garage on a trailer, cause it didn't run probably because of faulty wiring, turned out the wiring was indeed one big mess. first thing I did was make it run (to make sure the motor itself wasn't the problem) and after that ripped out all of the wiring! Straight in the trashcan with it, and ofcourse we ordered some cool new parts:

10' rear shocks
new head- and taillight
couple of handlebars
new miniguages
new battery
new wiring
Black leather and foam for the handmade solo seat

Mocked up some sheetmetal for the new seat...

 And tried out the 10'' shocks in the back, these things really make a BIG difference to the look of the bike....some said it was too much lowering for a FXR, I say that's bullshit, cause we like 'em low and loud!!

The Harley-D (old situation)

alright, finally I got some time to do an update on the Harley, for the record; this thing belongs to a friend of mine. I AM doing a motor for myself but that will be a custom hardtail bobberized Yamaha XS-650 from 1977.

This thing right here was originally a ''H-D FRXS Low Rider'' which probably once looked something like this:

.....Not really low riding to me but ok....the previous owner already did ALOT with this thing:
- 17'' Suzuki GSX wheels + drivechain
- Full custom fat frontlegs
-Screaming billet motor, still 1340cc but muchos HP he told me: higher compression ratio, fat S&S carb, open exhaust with fat supertrapp endpiece (cool), high perf. ignition, sharp camshaft, etc. etc...

all that was good, but the rest of the detail-, paintwork and overall look of the bike wasn't that rad if you ask me....

14 mrt. 2011

TheNextLevel...H-D Chopper going full custom....

Sneaky peaky video of the new project!!!

2 mrt. 2011

Flakes in Full Effect

I promised some endresult pictures of the bobber tank, here they are....I think it came out pretty sick!
                                          Base color.....

                              Still in the booth with a fresh layer of clearcoat, awesome!

                                   Done....waiting for a frame, wheels and motor ;-)