19 dec. 2009

Black Gold!

RX 5 and 10....the stuff WORKS! A total of 4 layers, with a nice result!
Chassis is well protected, hopefully for another 50 years!

I also ordered new parts for the chassis --> Rubbers, brakelines, cables, trannymounts, bushings....you name it! Everything nice and fresh.

So, time for mock-up!

Rust repair...

The only rustholes on the pan, same story on both sides...
nicely repaired....if I may say so myself...(daar ziede niks meer van! ;-)

15 dec. 2009


Last couple of days I began using the RX products, i have to say, GOOD stuff!
First the RX5, 2 layers of that and tonight another layer, which was a mix of 50/50 RX5 and RX10.

Later this week a nice fat coat with 80% RX10. It's pretty damn cold outside but the result is still very good!

Some small parts blasted/brushed and RX5-ed :

When we picked the rag up, Ron (previous owner) said that there was something wrong with the left front wheelbearing. The car 'rolled' real heavy. It turns out the bearing was OK, but the drum was 'binding' (aanlopen) with a bolthead which was sticking out too far...there were not one but two washers under it ... damn washers again! Haha. All that's fixed now though!

12 dec. 2009


Found these advertpics, taken last summer @ the Boxer Tilburg, I just fell in love with it, can you image?!

Package from Belgium

Today a real cool package....period correct engine lid with T-handle and numberpl. light!

Tranny trouble

Man, good thing I totally strip this car, yesterday I saw that there was something done to the front tranny mount, looks like two washers welded to the 60's mount to accept the '58 panmount (pic. 1)....this box is original a 60's gearbox, so for 180mm flywheels only....somebody 'modified' it to accept 200mm flywheels too (pic. 2)...the clutchbearing fork has seen better days too, someone had a thing with welding washers that's for sure! ;-) (pic 3.)...but what the hell?!.....This fucker ain't gonna fly that's for sure!!

I think I'm gonna get me a 70's long gear tranny, and then swap the axles, front mount and hockey stick. Do it right or don't do it at all...

7 dec. 2009

'58 Panhead.....

Little by little I disassebled the pan last week, at the moment the floorpan is almost fully blasted and in need of some minor rust repair, after that she's ready for a couple nice coats of RX5 and RX10 (a very well proven paintsystem in the oldtimerindustry)....I cannot wait untill this fucker is back on it's wheels all nice and shiny below...But with a Worn and rotten rat-shell on top! Now that's nice!

Just like peeling a German coconut....

It all looks very nasty right now, but won't be for long...

I also got me some extra Axle stands and a new big-ass garagejack!