23 aug. 2010

Black and White...

First press play and then scroll down ;-)


12 aug. 2010

Chllin' @ SPA

Came across some cool pictures taken by various people during Spa....thanks guys, good shit!

8 aug. 2010

New vinyl for the slamshop!

A fresh shoplogo made by a friend of mine, cool!

And a little gimmick sticker.... I like this one!

So, If YOU want some, just let me know!

7 aug. 2010

We made it!

7 Country's
350 liters of fuel
just a half liter of engineoil

over 15 gasstations
20+ piss-, drink-, eat- and sleepstops

zero damage or brakedowns! (HELL YEAH)
uncountable amount of crazy drivin' Italians further but hey: WE MADE IT!!!

Trip from Netherlands to Loano Italy:
Home->Spa (Be.)->Strasbourg (Fr.)->Loano (It.)

Loano boulevard:

Tight villageroad to our Hotel in Loano:

made it...

Compensation Jag @ trip to Portofino Italy

The beautifull seaside road all the way to Portofino:

Crazy traffic and 'roads' overthere

Campsite at Lago Maggiore Italy (near Swiss boarder)
Camping sucks there though, especially with nothing but Dutch idiots with them 'sleurhutten' and 'gezellige BBQ's' ;-)

So we got the hell out of there at 7.00 AM!

And the trip back with another 2 day stop in Germany (Eifel area).

Spa 2010 by ***Slam and Weld***

Big parade @ Spa Bugsow 2010

5 aug. 2010

Spa 2010

Good times at Spa once again!