31 jan. 2010

The Medicine

Last week it arrived, a box with some ''medication'': Fresh steel --> inner fenders, flat sheet etc. etc.

Rot in the firewall cut out, as you can see the stamping is preserved.
Same story on the outside.

Inner fender welded up, stock looking! No visible welds, no double sheetmetal.

KCW eat your heart out ;-).....pretty nice or what!?

Inside inner fender.
Next: small repair on the B-pillar.

Done, ready for a new heater channel.


Check this fucker out, 50+ years of rust, I will have to put my metal skills to the test...cutting and welding untill it's done. None of the repairs wil be visible on the outside, nicely grafted in the existing metal, and all the welds ground flat.

A-pillar and heater channel no longer connected, outch!

Rot in fire wall and inner fender...

Some metal missing here...

On it's wheels

Chassis is done, still in go-cart style waiting for the body....
nicely detailed...

29 jan. 2010

New projects!

Next few weeks a little change of plans: 58 rag out of the way and then -->

In with a white 1970's bug convertible for a semi-restauration.
Welding, engine work, electrics, etc. etc.

and a couple bug frontbeams will be cut to pieces!!!

For now just a couple random ''on-the-road pics''...

So, stay tuned Amigos!!

25 jan. 2010

Free Rims!!!

I've been cleaning up the parts-depot next to our garage.

Found four 4,5x15 steelies, and one 4x15. all 4x130. Feel free to pick them up. They're not in a good shape like those in the picture ofcourse....check out the old style hubcaps mounted on a late style rim...sticking way out....what was I thinking! Haha

you can have them rims for free btw!

15 jan. 2010

13 jan. 2010

Chassis Build-up time!

It has been quiet for about 2 weeks, but that doesn't mean nothing happened!

Past weeks I've mounted all the fresh new and refurbished (gereviseerd)parts on the chassis:

-2 inch narrowed front beam (!)
-dropped spindels
-ALL break parts...from HRC to drum.
- Steering box
-tranny mounts
-hoses..cables, clips bolts and washers.....
-You name it, it's brand new

Check out the pictures and see for yourself....

As you can see' I got some new vinyl TMI seatcovers...............uhhhh NOT!!! It took them seats 52 years to get this look, who am I to destroy that right?
Also the handbrake, shifter and pedals are left in the same state as when I took them off the chassis.....though fully refurbished off course....brand new on the inside yet vintage looking outside....

KWF was good for a few nice goodies such as a correct '58 Wolfsburg decklid logo, some tools and a cool magazine, Airmighty megascene, in my opignion this mag hits exactly the right spot in the aircooled scene!
Last but not least...the new front beam nicely painted in high gloss black! Nice!

1 jan. 2010


Adding some detail on the springplates...I really like pinstriping.

That shit just brings me a lot of peace and happiness ;-)