24 jan. 2011

Visit at Steven's place

Last week I made a little trip to Steven in Utrecht to check out his crib and collection of 'old junk' ;-)

A shitload of Yamaha XS and bobber frames, tanks, wheels, tires, pipes, and his bug; patina green '60 ragtop dropped and narrowed by S&W of course....all in all, he builds some mean XS-650 stuff....

Big thanks for the grand tour and see you again soon bro!!

Same XS-bobber from above but in an earlier stage

                             Some of the other projects he has going at the moment...pretty sick!

20 jan. 2011

Feb. 6th Swapmeet Mol Belgium

First roll-out for the '58 in 2011, cause on the 6th of February it's Swapmeet time once again in Mol Belgium. Always a cool starter for the new year!!
(10 times better than a LAME-ASS KeverWinterFestijn in Rosmalen last week....what a deception!)

13 jan. 2011

Rainy Days....

Man, the weather down here is so bad, our whole garage flooded today! I'll just keep the happy thoughts in my mind for now.....some Sun, couple of Corona's and a slammed cruiser is all I need....but damn, fuck those rainy days!!!!

9 jan. 2011

5000+ views!

Muchos gracias Amigos!

6 jan. 2011

Everybody's invited !!!

Made a invitation for our party, me and two of my friends turned 25 past month so time for some oldskool party-action!!! You're invited too, if you can find the place ;-)