29 nov. 2010

Slam and Weld going artistic...

Check out the sick artwork Franky Vegaz made for me....thanks again dude!!

21 nov. 2010

EL Bandito is FINITO!

It's done and the Buick came out pretty sick! Stance is spot and the system works like a champ!
so I say it's time for some final pic's and a small vid, b-sure to check it out!


16 nov. 2010

My First Bug

Came across an old picture of my 1974 1200 bug, fully converted to 66 looker....slammed to the max....
Man, that thing was pretty sweet....5 years of pure Aircooled fun!

15 nov. 2010

Buick = DONE....

So, time for a little sneaky peak!