26 mei 2010

Airride for the Front!

Sold my 2'' narrowed frontbeam this monday, I want something more radical for this ride;

A 5'' beam with airride! With a friend of mine we drew the needed parts ourselves in SolidWorks, and got them lasercut.
Everything fits really nice, and now I can slam the rag whenever I want, where-ever I want. Without scraping my freshly painted pan to scheisse! Love it...

the adjusters are there just in case the air fails/leaks for some reason. Just screw the adjusterbolts in and the axle is off the ground again ---->always driveable! 

21 mei 2010

RDW Day!!!

Today was the day: RDW day. Importing my rag in the Netherlands, just a couple of days ago I had to do an engineswap because the old motor puffed out big blue clouds and sparks. It just gave up, that old D-motor, what a pussy!

So threw in another 1200 and of I was, the MOT-test was easy, it passed so Dutch plates are a fact! But the trip home was a little less amusing cause the replacement motor also gave up on me...I think it's about time to finally throw a good engine in this sucker....

To make things worse one exhaustpipe fell off this morning...sure why not!

stranded on the way home...

a glance on the finished wheels

Time to mount a GOOD motor, but, choices choices.....this:
the custom 1585cc

Or maybe this! a fresh '57 industrymotor we picked up today:
just missing the sparkbox, fuelpump and flywheel.

the motorsheetmetal even matches the bodycolor! Crazy right?!

5 mei 2010

The Flat Flatblack

Wrapped up a Cool project today: slammed and narrowed the ''76'' bug.

A fresh 3,5 inch narrowed beam, dropped spindels, the beam lays practically ON the ground, and with 2 notches in the back this flatblack cruiser will scrape the roads for sure this summer!

Stance is everything!

New tranny...

Picked up a fresh gearbox for the '58 rag, the old one makes a shitload of noise = not good. That and the fact that it was messed up anyway made me look for a new tranny.
cleaned, degreased, painted, axles swapped and built up, again a nice shitload of work nobody will ever see ;-)
Hopefully by end of the week everything back together and then to the RDW, I want to drive this MF!!!