29 jun. 2011

The Harley-D Endresult

A little recap of what we did with this sucker:

-First of all: Full stripdown to bare frame
-sandblasted the frame and small parts
-Epoxy on all bare metal parts
-Paintjob in Porsche Basaltschwarz with a heavy metallic.
-Clear 5 3/4'' singlelense headlight
- raised the front of the tank about 1,5''
-modified and/or shaved tons of pieces (brackets/clamps/welded up holes in frame/tank/fender)
-new rearspocket
-rebuild the rearbrake + reactionarms for caliper and footbrakepedal
-custombuild sidemount with LED-Rearlight
-new handlebars
-countersunk risers
-short rearshocks
-new rearsprocket
-shaved riserclamp
-Custombuild seat + seatpan
-All new electrics incl. new (custom) wireloom, battery, front+rearlight, blinkers, switches, relais etc. etc. etc.

-dual speedometer/rev-o meter in custombuild guageholder
-Engineblock painted flatblack + load of new gaskets and fluids
-Clean primary drive cover
-numerous parts painted in flat or gloss black
-Full build-up after complete teardown
-last but not least NO CHROME ON THIS BIKE, ANYWHERE!!! Just black or polished aluminium.......cause CHROME SUCKS BALLS! ;-)


26 jun. 2011

Just another day at the office...

Porsche 912, Harley-Davidson, 2 times a VW pré 60 ragtop, who said office work is boring ;-)

25 jun. 2011


Soon some updates on our red polo's....

23 jun. 2011

Bottrop Kustom Kulture Repo....

WOW, back from a busy weekend. Bottrop Kustom Kulture and Budel Bug event in one weekend. On top of that a shitload of rain (3cm water on my floorboards, gotta love a 50+ year old Ragtop, it's all good....
Finally, today I got some time to upload some digital evidence ;-)

Bottrop was wet, but SO cool. Let the photo's tell the story....

13 jun. 2011

The Harley-D (pré)Endresult

The home stretch....final assembly has been completed...today: Pick-Up day!!
I cannot believe myself how good this thing turned out....
I also cannot believe how many hours went into this thing, 250+!!! but hey that's my problem right ;-)

Here some black-white pic's from last week, 95% of the bike done.....detailing and some minor paint left to do (headlight/risers etc.) ......

Ready for action.....

4 jun. 2011

Bottrop Kustom Kulture....

I cannot FUCKING wait to visit this Event, it's been 5 years wishing to go and talking about it... This year it's GO time!!!