24 mrt. 2010

God bless America

We can't build shit like this overhere, big ass shame if you ask me!!


20 mrt. 2010


I think it is important to keep a resto up to a certain level, good quality sheetmetal, fit and finish of the panels and good and clean welds. This way the car is maintained for many years to come.
A bad repair always bites you in the ass one way or another: rustholes after just a couple of years or crooked looking panels....

For this reason I decieded to buy a set of Hookys A-pillars, they ain't cheap but damn, they fit like a glove!!!
Look at the other 'a-pillars' I should have used otherwise, it would have been a mess to even get them to fit/look right...
Also the Right chassismount and the OG flexible heater tubes are restored....

13 mrt. 2010

8 mrt. 2010


Felt like I had a turbo in my ass today: did ALOT of welding and grinding. We're on a roll now!
Rear corners are finally done, firewall 95% done, front inner fenders both welded and ground flat.
Right side B-pillar repaired, and started to weld up the Swiss cheese under the dash (15+ holes drilled in it..)

6 mrt. 2010

Bangin', grindin', welding

That's what I've done all day today. Heaterchannels modified and working on the right side of the body.
Fitment of channels is good, but the A-pillars are crap so I ordered some new ones at Hookys panelshop!

5 mrt. 2010

Free Bumpers!!!

I got some late model bug bumpers (square) layin' around, you can pick them up for free. Now that's cheap!

Not in great shape but useable none the less...let me know!

2 mrt. 2010


Was a little slow last weeks, parts delivered way too late, bad weather and working on 2 other projects.
All stupid excuses for not doing some work on my '58. ;-)

BUT, last week I picked it up again and going into overdrive next week!!!
I found a lot of the parts which I needed to make it complete:

-Some electric components to reduce the voltage to 6 volts for the wipers and semaphores.
(no smoking ADHD wipers and blinding semaphores anymore, woohoo!)
-Rear fenders (OG)
-Front and rear bumper (OG)
-Running boards (OG)
-Battery 12volts (not OG...bummer ;-)
-New engine rubbers
-New mass cable (mounted to the original battery clamp)

New bumperbraces welded in the back, rear H-panel 'restored' and made it removable.

Also the tank (rustbucket!) is taken care of. Inside thoroughly cleaned out, and the outside brushed/RX5 and RX10, well, the lower part anyway. Top half of the tank is kept in the same state of course....vintage baby!