25 apr. 2010

Build-up part 2

Body on chassis with the help of some Amigo's! Wheels painted, fenders mounted and engine running...

21 apr. 2010

The Build-up!

The fun part of a resto for me is when all the stuff you have prepared during several months finally come together. Everything falls into place...very cool to see...

Sprayed the inside with some (gloss)paint to ''match'' the rest of the dash. Remember the hole under the radioblock-off plate?....

RX-5 - RX-10 on the none visible panels, and antistone-chip spray in the fenderwells.

After blending in the paint/patina on all the fenders and taillights I
fitted all the fenders and loose parts like front lights, runningboards and bumpers...Man, she's got the look...

Also brought the D-motor back to life, at full throttle it barked out black smoke, sparks and big-ass backfires like a crazy monkey!! It's a runner ;-)

Placed the OG firewall and driptubes back where they came from.

A true ratlooker, worn on the outside, but fully restored underneath!!! 

YEAHHH!!! Can't wait to roll low this summer!!!

7 apr. 2010

Slammed daily

smacked the daily on it's ass....SCRAAAAAP!!!! (no metal sparks though, just some plastic  ;-)

5 apr. 2010

Welding Finito!

Finally, after about 2 months, 2 bottles of shieldgas, a roll of weldwire and a couple square meters of sheetmetal ;-) ....the welding on the body is done...now it's a matter of some filler, prime and a shot with the paintgun on the inside and then the body on the chassis for the last time! Me a happy camper!