3 nov. 2013

Bobber progress


Enginebrackets and sidemount fabrication in progress in 3-2-1....

Brighton Breeze!

Bobberwerks 101

Slow but steady the Bobber is coming  alive....18 inch rearwheel with 4.50x18 Firestone Champion Deluxe...big bang for big bucks!

23 jul. 2013

My 1958 ragtop for sale!!!

My lovely 58 rag is for sale, looking for a new project so it's up for grabs! Let me know if you're interested....

30 mei 2013

Chrome wallet chain for sale, the fattest you can find! 25,- a piece! Get them while they're hot! (wallet not included ;-)

17 mei 2013

Seatpan fabrication

Since there aren't any seats on the market I really like shape and dimensionwise, I decided to make my own custom seat. Started from flat sheetmetal and some cardboard...

12 mei 2013

XS 650 bobber

Progress on my Bobber projectbike Hardtailed the frame, made some handlebars, testfit of tank and engine...it's coming together now!!

11 mei 2013

25 feb. 2013

Goldie gets some extra horses

New trans and screamer motor for the gold '60 ragtop I partly restored some time ago... Long gears and 1776cc's will get this beauty sideways for sure!

First: out with the old 1200-D motor and short ratio gearbox