29 okt. 2010

Buick Airride Test 1

first test with garagecompressor (+-8 bar) is a succes, she goes up and down no problemo! except around minute 1.00, airpistol pops of the hose ;-)

Today I got all the switches, relais and airvalves working too so we're steaming along now!!!

and another with  pressureguage in view...(shitty cameraquality though...)...but you get the idea!

28 okt. 2010

Gangster Stance

Down she goes...........................

27 okt. 2010

'69 Buick Riviera (dead body transporter)

This car belongs to a good friend of mine: Franky Vegas!
running a 7.2 L V8 engine, weighing 2200KG's, she's a F#cking beast this Buick.
Slammin' this 1969 to the deck is pretty fun to do!
....can't wait to see a 5+ meter long car going up and down with a flick of the switch....

keep checking this place for updates!!!

18 okt. 2010

S&W, only for the narrowminded!

Check out these fresh new beams;  old- and new type bug frontbeams....nicely welded and finished...
Modified original beams, totally new beams, dropped spindels,
airride systems with shocks or bags.....it really doesn't matter, we can built it.

Slam and Weld; narrowing and slammin stuff the RIGHT way!

10 okt. 2010

6 okt. 2010

the daily....

...gets some attention too, now and then...got me some bosch aerotwin wipers now, and I modified the base of the  wiperarms. Now they wipe like f#cking tripple layer toiletpaper ;-)
An original grille was mounted couple of weeks ago.
Next on the wishlist is to partially clean a secondhand front bumper I've got laying around.
Licenceplate moved down and remove the foglights, see the 3rd picture....
The bumper which is on there at the moment is shot anyway, so nice job for the winter!