24 dec. 2010

Best Wishes!!!

Keep it safe people, and be cool in 2011!!!
Just do it like these guys from back in the day.....freaking SWEET, JWT....

13 dec. 2010

Badass Bobber Brawl...

Seriously thinkin' about a badass homegrown bobber. I haven't even begun to think about taking lessons for my bike licence, but fuck it, they are just eating away at my mind!!!!

 Build it, ride it and maybe then I'll get the pink paper ;-)

6 dec. 2010

N.E.R.D. alert!!!

I'm pretty much a computer n00b, but today I figured out how to edit my own youtube page!
So check out the official S&W channel with the videos which were uploaded throughout the past year:

It's too damn cold to work in the (unheated) garage at the moment....More new and radical vw/customstuff will follow in a couple of months, bien sur!!

blast from the past............

1 dec. 2010

Corrado 2.0 16v for Sale!!

I'm looking for a fresh oldtimer/tax-free daily driver! so this fucker may leave pronto, and for a low price:
1750,- euro's !!!

4 more info on this ride please contact me at: slamandweld@live.nl