30 nov. 2012

Pulp fiction

Check out the nasty details of the rabbit: pulp fiction interior ;-) and the freshly mounted 15'' centra pepperpots, nice score!

11 jul. 2012

'79 Rabbit Diesel

My 'new' daily, a '79 golf Diesel, 5 doors, a wasted interior, loads of rust and black balls of smoke puffin' out the back. Love it! Check out the pic's!

27 jun. 2012

Hot rod and Custom show (Chimay 2012)

Last weekend we went to the Kustom show at Chimay, there were a shedload of cool cars and bikes....

...but to be honest....Bottrop is SO much cooler, maybe not as 'professional' as the kustom show in chimay, but the crowd and overall atmosphere is 100x better, on top of that the rediculous entrance price in Chimay: 180,- euro's for three persons and 2 days+1 night at the 'campsite'....dude get real!!!! arrogant Frech/southern Belgium bastards all over the event, I say: F%CK THEM FRENCH!!!

12 jun. 2012

Bottrop Kustom Kulture 2012

Wow what a weekend, cruising, boozing, checking out fancy rides and bobbers...Bottrop has it all.....Truly awesome what you see there, by far the koolest hotrod event in europe! Here some photo's, check out the rest at:

21 mrt. 2012

High flyer vs. Low scraper!

Badass photo from the airmighty cruise to the Freddy Files, Ninove Belgium!